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Content Discovery & Download

Content Discovery and Download

Content discovery is the function that allows an end user to discover an application and initiate the download and installation of that application on their device. Content may be discovered through several sources, including

  • web sites
  • mobile web sites
  • dedicated on-device discovery applications

The recommended interface for device-originated content discovery (either mobile browser or dedicated application) is IWeb. IWeb provides a powerful abstraction for dealing with HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

Simple HTML-based content discovery applications can be written with the HTML widget supplied with the SDK; however, the preferred method is that a fully functional mobile browser be used for content discovery to allow for a richer user experience that is driven primarily by server-side markup.

Dedicated on-device clients that are not based on XHTML markup can take advantage of the full BrewMP UI widget set; however, these require proprietary metadata exchange protocols. It is recommended that such proprietary metadata exchange mechanisms be based on JSON or XML. Brew MP 1.0.3 and later provides XML parser APIs to facilitate this.

Using IWeb, it is relatively straightforward to implement a Brew MP module that implements standard download protocols like OMA DLOTA (Download Over the Air). The Brew MP platform roadmap includes platform-level support for OMA DLOTA .

Other proprietary discovery and download protocols not based on HTTP or HTTPS can be supported using clients written to take advantage of the networking APIs within Brew MP; however, this is not recommended.

Refer to the Brew MP Technology Guide Downloading Content Over the Air for a detailed discussion on how to implement a content discovery and download client using HTML and OMA DLOTA.