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Solution Overview

Managing and distributing applications to mobile devices over the air depends on several key operations and technologies.

Content management

Content management is the function that manages the workflow for content developers and providers to submit applications for distribution. This function manages the metadata and content that supports the discovery and marketing of applications.

Content Authorization

Content authorization is accomplished using digital signing, which allows applications to install and run on specific devices. Digital signing is the principal authorization mechanism that determines which applications are allowed to run on Brew MP devices and what privileges/functionality those applications can access.

Content authorization through digital signing requires the secure deployment of a Public Key Infrastructure. The Brew MP Code Signing Kit provides the tools required to generate Brew MP-style signatures under a given PKI and within a code signing operation.

Content Discovery & Download

Content discovery is the mechanism by which consumers can discover and choose applications for download. Brew MP provides a number of APIs that facilitate the development of on-device content discovery. Brew MP also provides APIs that support application download.

Content discovery applications work with metadata supplied by the content management system to create a compelling user experience to drive the download of application content.

Content Installation

The Brew MP SDK provides a number of APIs that facilitate the installation of application content on the device. Content discovery and download applications can use these mechanisms to install applications on the device.