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Using Custom BBF Fonts in the Simulator

Using Verizon Custom Fonts in Simulator

The following steps describe how custom fonts can be used in the simulator:

  1. Include the .bid files in the application and use the respective Class IDs to create the custom fonts. Refer Section 2 and Section 3 for more details.
  2. Copy the verizonfont directory from the package having the font extension dll and mif to the same directory where the application is present.
  3. Run application in the Simulator to get the desired custom fonts.

Setting Custom Fonts as default fonts in Simulator

Typically you would be using the code sample mentioned in section Sample Code for using custom Verizon Fonts in your application to work with the fonts in the SDK and on the device. The BBF files included in the package enable you to use these fonts as default in the Brew MP SDK Simulator. When set as the default in the BBF, these fonts are automatically used for bold, regular, and large in the Brew MP Simulator only. This will not load the font for your applet on the actual device hardware.

To set these fonts as the default, edit the device file you are using in your Brew MP Simulator with the Device Configurator. The following steps explain how to use a BBF as a default font for your desired device file.

Note: The banner fonts cannot be implemented as BBF and must be created dynamically. This is explained in Using Banner Type Fonts in Section 2 and Using Verizon BannerType Fonts in your applications section.

  1. Open the device file in the BREW Device Configurator.
  2. Click the Details button next to the Model name.
  3. Select the Language and Fonts tab.
  4. Select the OEM Fonts radio button under Active Font Type
  5. Use the Set button to browse for the BBF to use for each BREW Font type: Regular, Bold, and Large.
  6. Select OK when finished.
  7. Save the device file.

Note: The BBF file must be in the same directory as your device file to work properly when executing in the SDK Simulator.