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This eLearning module is directed at developers and provides an overview and the process to develop and submit in application purchasing through Application Value Billing (A-VB). A-VB allows developers to charge for content from within an application.
Teaches developers how to determine best uses for the different containers, use several types of containers to manage display components, and develop a UI composed of containers, widgets, and their models.
Teaches developers how to enable touch support on devices that support touch features, detect touch gestures, change touch modes to control widget behavior, and configure flick support for lists.
Teaches how to use basic Brew MP debug tools to evaluate software code, improve code using Brew MP debugging best practices, and how to configure and test software on Brew MP devices.
Teaches developers how to differentiate between decorator widgets and other types of widgets, use models to react to widget state changes, choose decorator and model combinations to enhance a UI, and employ models to manipulate widget data and listen for events.
Introduces the Brew MP file system, explains how the privilege and file system security models work, and contrasts code-sharing capabilities between supported module formats.
Teaches developers how to control sound services for Brew MP devices, decode and display images, configure and handle media operations, and play and record audio and video files.
Teaches developers how to track network statistics for Brew MP applications, assess network limitations, recognize impacts to network latency, and construct a Web-based application that uses sockets.
Provides a brief history of Brew MP, explains why Brew MP is important for mobile devices, and shows how to navigate the Brew MP website to obtain development software and tools.
Teaches developers how to manage contact databases, determine which concurrency and performance factors affect data storage, and create a Brew MP application that uses personal information management databases.
Introduces the platform software layers, shows how Brew MP architecture relates to Brew, and gives an overview of the programming model.
Teaches how to construct the core application framework for a widget-based application, integrate widgets into an application, and apply proper Brew MP programming practices to writing software code for Brew MP devices.
Demonstrates how to use the Brew MP plugin project import wizard to migrate an application from Brew to Brew MP.
Introduces Brew MP UI Widgets and provides an overview of widget implementation on the Brew MP platform.