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Brew MP Application Development Primer

Base version: Brew ® MP 1.0.2
Document number: HT80-VT500-214 Rev. E
Date Published: April 13, 2012

The Brew MP Application Development Primer guides you through installing the tools, setting up the work environment, writing a basic Hello World application and debugging in the Simulator.

The following Brew MP developer workflows are covered:

  • C/C++ development using Visual Studio
  • C development using Eclipse
  • C/C++ development using command line tools

General device setup and device compilers are also covered.


twu 08 Jun 2011 09:34am

Hi ermurtuzasaifee...
What version of SDK toolset are you using?
Are you using Visual Studio or Elipse to create the new Brew mp project?
If you are not using the latest SDK, you may try it to see if the problem still occur. You can download the latest Brew MP SDK here -

ermurtuzasaif... 06 Jun 2011 06:13am

"Errors occurred during the build.
Errors running builder 'Scanner Configuration Builder' on project 'test1'.
this above error will on creating a new project in brew mp. so plz tell me what can i do for that

ermurtuzasaif... 03 Jun 2011 01:40am

Would u plz tell me that what is more beneficial to develop a application on Brew mp for smartphones is to either in c environment or in c++ environment.

jeremyg 17 May 2011 12:35pm

@FlySunny, your error looks like a license error with CodeSourcery g++. g++ is available in a full version and a "lite" version. The full version requires a license. The "lite" version is free and will still work for Brew app development. Based on your logs, it looks like you are using the full version. You may download the lite version from here:, or work with CodeSourcery to obtain the proper license for the full version.

FlySunny 08 May 2011 12:34am

Hi All
I was build my application but it will show the Error Message, Help Me to resolve the Problem. Thanks
The Error Message
**** Build of configuration Debug for project application1 ****
cs-make.exe V=mingw_Debug -f application1.mak SHELL=cmd BREWMP_PLATFORM=d:\PROGRA~1\Qualcomm\BREWMP~1\PLATFO~1\102~1.488\platform BREWMPSDK=d:\PROGRA~1\Qualcomm\BREWMP~1\PLATFO~1\102~1.488\platform BREWDIR=ThisDirectoryIsNotDefined all
"D:/DEVSDK~1/TOOLSE~1.155/bin/cifc.exe" -bar mingw_Debug/ -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/addons/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/connectivity/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/databases/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/deprecated/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/hardware/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/languages/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/media/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/networking/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/security/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/simulation/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/system/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/telephony/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/ui/inc -Imingw_Debug
"D:/DEVSDK~1/TOOLSE~1.155/bin/cifc.exe" -bar mingw_Debug/ -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/addons/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/connectivity/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/databases/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/deprecated/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/hardware/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/languages/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/media/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/networking/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/security/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/simulation/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/system/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/telephony/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/ui/inc -Imingw_Debug -M > mingw_Debug/
if exist mingw_Debug/ (copy /b /v mingw_Debug\ +,,mingw_Debug\>nul) else (echo on>mingw_Debug/
"D:/DEVSDK~1/TOOLSE~1.155/bin/cifc.exe" -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/addons/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/connectivity/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/databases/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/deprecated/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/hardware/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/languages/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/media/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/networking/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/security/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/simulation/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/system/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/telephony/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/ui/inc -Imingw_Debug Application1.cif -pre mingw_Debug/application1.clif -M > mingw_Debug/application1.clif.dep
"D:/DEVSDK~1/TOOLSE~1.155/bin/cifc.exe" -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/addons/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/connectivity/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/databases/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/deprecated/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/hardware/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/languages/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/media/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/networking/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/security/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/simulation/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/system/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/telephony/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/ui/inc -Imingw_Debug Application1.cif -pre mingw_Debug/application1.clif
"D:/DEVSDK~1/TOOLSE~1.155/bin/cifc.exe" -mod application1 -mif mingw_Debug/application1.mif mingw_Debug/application1.clif
"gcc" -c -Wall -Werror -Wno-missing-braces -m32 -g -std=gnu99 -DAEE_SIMULATOR -D_DEBUG -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/addons/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/connectivity/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/databases/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/deprecated/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/hardware/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/languages/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/media/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/networking/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/security/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/simulation/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/system/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/telephony/inc -Id:/PROGRA~1/Qualcomm/BREWMP~1/PLATFO~1/102~1.488/platform/ui/inc -Imingw_Debug -omingw_Debug/AEEModGen.o AEEModGen.c
error: A valid Sourcery G++ license key could not be found.
Refer to the Getting Started guide included with Sourcery G++
for instructions on how to obtain and install a license key.
For technical support for Sourcery G++, visit:
For information about license keys and the GPL, visit:
The license manager error is:
No such feature exists.
Feature: gcc_IA32_Windows
License path: d:\program files\codesourcery\sourcery g++\bin\..\libexec\gcc\i686-mingw32\4.5.1\..\..\..\..\license\i686-mingw32\target.lic;
FLEXnet Licensing error:-5,357
For further information, refer to the FLEXnet Licensing documentation,
available at "".
Your host ID(s) are: DISK_SERIAL_NUM=3e6640f0 001eecaf5f40 002100abbe6d
gcc: d:/program files/codesourcery/sourcery g++/bin/../libexec/gcc/i686-mingw32/4.5.1/cs-license.exe: non-zero exit status
cs-make.exe: *** [mingw_Debug/AEEModGen.o] Error 1

brianp@qti... 15 Mar 2011 07:32pm

Hello Long,
There is no SDK pro kit as you mention. You are probably referring to the Platform Pro kit - this is where you'll find some of the PVS testing components as well as other platform supporting tools. Access to the Platform Pro kits is restricted. If you do not see it listed under the "Related Releases" section on the Platform download pages (e.g.,
you will need to contact your Qualcomm account manager and ask for such access to be given.

long 15 Mar 2011 07:17pm

From where can I get the SDK pro, not SDK?

long 07 Mar 2011 07:44pm

I found there are several device profiles in Target Manager tool:
Generic, Jet, Sapphire, Flip phone, Candy Bar, FFA 6290 and FFA 7x27.
Then I created several targets using above profiles, but only Flip phone and Candy Bar can be launched successfully, the others all show Error #2032.
What does "Error#2032" mean?
Thanks in advance.

long 07 Mar 2011 07:25pm

Hi Karina,
Now it works.
Yesterday I have installed an older version SDK before I installed the latest SDK.
Just now I uninstalled the older one, and reinstalled the latest one.
Now it is OK.
Thanks for your kindly help.

Karinag 07 Mar 2011 02:24pm

Hi Long,
It seems like those files are missing from your platform folder. Can you please see if these two files are present on your system?
If they are missing, can you please try to either reisntall the Brew MP SDK or just the Brew MP Platform
If the files exist on your computer, then can you please tell me the version of Windows and the version of Brew MP SDK that you're using as well as any localizations settings you are using so we can try and reproduce your issue?

long 07 Mar 2011 12:18am

I have installed VS2008 and BREWMP SDK, and then created a application thru wizard, but compile err:
Project Brew MP Version:
Makefile successfully generated.
1>------ 已启动生成: 项目: Application1, 配置: Debug Win32 ------
1>Creating MIF file from "d:\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\application1\application1\Application1.cif"
1>Creating BAR file from "d:\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\application1\application1\"
1>.\Application1.c(32) : fatal error C1083: 无法打开包括文件:“AEEModGen.h”: No such file or directory
1>c:\program files\qualcomm\brew mp sdk\platforms\\platform\system\inc\AEEError.h(270) : fatal error C1083: 无法打开包括文件:“AEEPortErr.h”: No such file or directory
1>c:\program files\qualcomm\brew mp sdk\platforms\\platform\system\inc\AEEError.h(270) : fatal error C1083: 无法打开包括文件:“AEEPortErr.h”: No such file or directory
1>生成日志保存在“file://d:\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\application1\application1\Debug\BuildLog.htm”
1>Application1 - 3 个错误,0 个警告
========== 生成: 成功 0 个,失败 1 个,最新 0 个,跳过 0 个 ==========
Does anybody have idea to work out it?

jeremyg 18 Feb 2011 12:06pm

Hi Miki_Liu,
Thank you for reporting the incorrect link. We have updated our download page with the correct link. .Net 4.0 is the correct version of .Net. For Visual Studio, we support 2005, 2008 and 2010.
Thank you,

jeremyg 18 Feb 2011 11:46am

Hi Dale,
For the problem you reported on Visual Studio, you didn't mention the version of Visual Studio you are using. However, we are aware of a known issue with Visual Studio 2010 and the Brew MP SDK 7.11.1. If this is the configuration you are using, here's a description of the issue and a work-around to get you up and running again.
The problem we know of is that new Projects do not have the the Custom Build rules set for .cif and .car files. Because of this, the .mif and .bar files will not be generated, which results in an error during the packaging step.
To work-around this issue, do the following:
1. From the Project tree in Visual Studio, Right-click the .cif file and select "Properties".
2. In the resulting dialog, go to "Configuration Properties -> General". At this stage, "Item Type" is probably set to "Does not participate in build". Change this to "Custom Build Tool".
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for your .car file.
4. Close the Solution and Re-Open it. The solution should build now.

DaleJones 14 Feb 2011 11:14am

I need insight into the following error message occuring after step 3 of Launch simulator in Visual Studio...
"Package does not exist
Unable to install the package file to the target.
The package file does not exist:
c:\Brew MP\application1\run\Application1_Win32_Debug.brewmp"
= = = = = = =
p.s. I was able to get it working (not sure how), but I could not find any clear instructions how to correct.

Miki_Liu 10 Feb 2011 01:06am

The Prerequisites to install SDK for Visual Studio is confusing!!
In the BrewMP SDK download webpage:
You write Prerequisites for Visual Studio is:
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (or newer).
However, the link you provided is:
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1
What is the Prerequisites for SDK 7.11 ?
Which version of dot Net Framework and Visual Studio is best?

DaleJones 02 Feb 2011 10:27am

Eclipse > New Project > Brew MP C Application dialog - then error:
Problem Occurred - Errors occurred during the build.
Errors running builder 'Scanner Configuration Builder' on project 'application3'.
Any ideas? Thanx!

cmahlum 21 Jan 2011 10:37am

Hi Pramod,
The screenshot in Visual Studio Project Wizard section has been updated.

Pramod Sarwar 10 Jan 2011 04:34am

When I try to create new project I didn't see any connection manager screen.
Did i miss something like any setup.
Please help me.

Pramod Sarwar 10 Jan 2011 01:52am

I also got following error when I try to run the application.
Unable to install the package file to the target
The package file does not exist:

Karinag 06 Jan 2011 02:43pm

cthelen: I can't seem to find the screenshots that you've indicated. Can you give me more specific spots that I can check in this document (Command-Line Primer)?

muddflapps 14 Dec 2010 11:38am

I have managed to successfully assemble a working MinGW "command-line" environment that is also useful in conjunction with a standard distribution of Eclipse (Helios).

cthelen 09 Dec 2010 07:18pm

step 3.. again not the correct screen shot

cthelen 09 Dec 2010 07:15pm

that screen shot in step 2 is not correct