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BREW 3.x/4.x support

This section covers working with the BREW 3.x and 4.x platforms in Visual Studio and Eclipse.

BREW 3.x and 4.x platforms are available for installation on the Brew MP website. These platforms are supported by the Visual Studio Plugin and Eclipse Plugin. If these platforms are installed on your machine, you will see those platforms listed as options both in the Brew MP build properties pop-up dialog, and the Target Type menu in the Visual Studio Plugin. For Eclipse, the platforms are listed in both the Project -> Properties Build pop-up dialog and the Target Type drop-down menu from the Plugin toolbars, as shown in the following image.

For information on setting build properties, building and running the application for Brew 3.x/4.x, see the Brew MP Visual Studio Plugin Help and Eclipse Plugin Help.

Importing BREW applications

The Visual Studio Plugin provides the ability to import BREW applications to Visual Studio. This can be done by clicking File > Import BREW project in the Visual Studio toolbar. The Visual Studio Plugin Help provides more detailed information on the import feature.

The Migrating Applications from BREW to Brew MP tech guide on the Brew MP website is also a helpful resource.