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Brew MP Properties - Eclipse

The Brew MP platform version and ARM build for the application can be designated from the Brew MP Properties dialog.

  1. To edit the Brew MP Properties, select Project > Properties in Eclipse.

    The Properties dialog opens.

  2. In the Properties dialog, select Brew MP > Build.

  3. The Brew MP Platform Version designates which platform the project uses when building the application.

    The ARM Build options allow you to override the default values selected under Window > Preferences. The default settings use the Codesourcery ARM compiler. Click Apply to save changes.
  4. To edit the package properties, select Brew MP > Package.

    The settings in the package dialog determine which files are packaged and installed to the target.

  5. In the Package dialog, select the files to package, and click Apply.
  6. To set the run properties, select Brew MP > Run.

    The run properties window provides the following options:

    • Do not run application on target after install - Selecting this option prevents the application from being launched on the target after installation.
    • Run Applet - Select the ClassID from the drop-down list
    • Run Custom ClassID - Enter the ClassID in the text field.
    The default settings is to run the currently active application. Make desired changes and click Apply.