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Click2Debug - Eclipse

Debugging with the Brew MP Debugger on a simulation target or device can be launched from Eclipse with a single-click of the debug icon in Eclipse Plugin toolbar.

Brew MP Debugger

Brew MP Debugger uses GNU tools, and facilitates debugging of Brew MP applications on device. The Brew MP Eclipse Plugin incorporates Debugger into Eclipse. Debugger can also be used from the command line.

For more information on working with Debugger from Eclipse, see the Brew MP Tools Reference.

Note: The Codesourcery path must be set ahead of all GNU tools in system path.

Setting debug configurations

  1. Within the Eclipse Plugin toolbar, select Debug from the drop-down menu of the icon to manage configurations for the current project, shown below.

Click2Debug on a simulation target

To debug your application on a simulation target, do the following.

  1. Within the Eclipse toolbar, select Simulation from the Target Types drop-down menu.
  2. Select the simulation target from the Brew MP Target Types menu.

  3. Click the debug icon in the Eclipse toolbar.

    The application builds for debugging, and launches on the simulation target.

    On starting debug, Eclipse switches to the standard Eclipse debug view which has UI elements suitable for debugging. Breakpoints can be set by double-clicking on the left sidebar at the line of code you want to break at. Eclipse dialogs show debugging information.

Click2Debug on device

To debug your application and launch the Brew MP Debugger on the device, do the following:

  1. Connect your device to your computer. The device should be in Developer Enable mode (see the device setup for instructions to put the device in Developer Enable mode).
  2. In the Eclipse Plugin toolbar, select Brew MP Physical Target from the Target Types drop-down menu, and select the desired target from the Brew MP Targets drop-down menu.

  3. The first time you debug your application in Eclipse, select the arrow next to the debug icon in the Eclipse toolbar, and select Debug As > Brew MP Application.

    The device executable is generated and loaded to the target file system, along with the Brew MP Debugger module (CDB). The application and CDB are launched on the device.