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Click2Run on the Simulator - Eclipse

The Simulator presents an image of a selected device skin and emulates running applications as they appear on the actual device.

The Eclipse Plugin sets your debug configuration in Eclipse to use the Brew MP Simulator.

Creating a simulation target

Prior to using the Simulator, you need to create a target. The Target Manager can be used to create and delete simulation targets. The Simulator images in this primer display the Sapphire profile.

  1. From the Eclipse Plugin toolbar Brew MP Tools drop-down menu, select Target Manager.

    The Target Manager GUI opens.

  2. Refer to Target Manager Help in the Tools Reference for instructions on how to create a simulation target.
  3. Close the Target Manager.

    The Simulator Target will now be listed from the Eclipse Plugin Brew MP Targets drop-down menu, when Simulation is selected from the Target Type drop-down menu.

Running the application on a simulation target

  1. In the Eclipse Plugin toolbar, select Simulation from the Target Types drop-down menu.

  2. Select the desired target from the Brew MP Targets drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Run icon on the Eclipse toolbar.

    The application DLL is generated and loaded to the target file system. The application is launched on the Simulator. The following is an image of the Simulator running the code generated by the Wizard, in the Sapphire target.

For more information on using the Simulator, including creating targets, see the Simulator Help section of the Brew MP Tools Reference.

Note: If you see build errors, refer to the troubleshooting section of the Eclipse Plugin Help.

Note: Ctrl+F11 or F11 will launch the last-used Run or Debug configurations.