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Eclipse Project Wizard

The Brew MP Wizard provides the option of creating source code based on a template, which generates code for the most common Brew MP application functionality. The Wizard initiates the creation of the project file, the application source files, the application CIF and Brew MP resource files.

Creating the project using the Wizard

  1. Start Eclipse.
  2. To set the workspace folder for Eclipse, select File > Switch Workspace, and click Other. If the workspace is already set, you can skip this step.
  3. Enter or Browse to the workspace folder, and click OK.

    This primer uses the workspace folder <C:\brewapps>. If the workspace folder does not exist, Eclipse creates it.

    Note: Eclipse will restart set to the new workspace folder.

  • Click File > New > Project....

    The New Project dialog is shown.

  • Expand the Brew MP node, select C Application, and click Next.

    The Brew MP C Application dialog opens.

  • The project name field by default uses the name "Application1". Pressing the Next button opens the final Wizard options dialog, with options to select the build platform to use and executable format to create. Click Finish.

    Eclipse shows your new Brew MP application project loaded in the workspace.