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Troubleshooting - Eclipse

This section covers common issues found when developing Brew MP applications in Eclipse.

Building applications in Eclipse

After building the project, you may need to clean the project and rebuild.

  1. Right-click on application1 in the Project Explorer pane. In the popup window, click on Clean Project to clean the application1 project.

The makefile generated points to the ARM environment variable RVCTBIN22. Also ensure that the ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable is pointing to the correct location.

Having Cygwin in the system PATH may cause some issues while building the application. The Eclipse IDE creates a copy of this system environment variable PATH. The following steps will remove the reference to Cygwin.

  • In Eclipse, select Project > Properties. Within the Properties dialog, select C/C++ build > Environment. Select All configurations from the Configuration drop-down menu. Then select the PATH variable, and click Edit.
  • Edit the PATH variable here by removing any reference to Cygwin specific entries, and click Apply.

This way Cygwin can be used outside the Eclipse IDE.