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Running the application

This section covers running the application on a simulation and/or a device target.

The Simulator presents an image of a selected device and emulates running applications as they appear on the actual device. As you develop your application, you can periodically build and test the application on the Simulator.

Connect Tool (ct) is used to install modules on the target and run the application on the target. For help with ct, type the following in a command prompt:

"%BREWMP_TOOLSET%\bin\ct" -h

When using ct, the -p <target> parameter specifies which device to perform the operation on. The -g <gateway cls> parameter provides the ClassID of the application/module to the port. If there is only a device running and no simulation targets, -g isn't necessary. If both a device and simulation target are running, "-g usb" is enough to choose the device.

For simulation targets, the default DestinationPath is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Qualcomm\Brew MP\Target Manager\Targets\

Load application files to the target

  1. To list targets, type the following:

    "%BREWMP_TOOLSET%\bin\ct" listtargets

    This provides the input for ct for the -g and -p parameters.

  2. To obtain the application ClassID, type the following to get the ClassID:

  3. To stop the running application, type the following, where <clsid> is the application ClassID:

    "%BREWMP_TOOLSET%\bin\ct" stop <clsid>

  4. There are separate commands for loading the application files to a simulation target or a device:
    • To install the application binaries to a simulation target, type the following in the command-line prompt.

      "%BREWMP_TOOLSET%\bin\tm" ct install SourcePath DestinationPathName

      If the target name contains spaces, it should be enclosed by quotes. SourcePath is the location of the application binaries on your computer. DestinationPathName is the destination in the target file system.

    • To load the application files to the device file system, enter the following in the command-line prompt:

      "%BREWMP_TOOLSET%\bin\ct" -p <target> install c_basicapp.brewmp"

Run application

To run the application on the target, do the following:

  1. To run the application on the target, enter the following in the command-line prompt:

    "%BREWMP_TOOLSET%\bin\ct" -p <target_desc> -g usb start <classID>

    <target_desc> is only necessary if more than one device is connected.

For more information on Connect Tool or using the Simulator, including creating targets, see the Simulator Help section of the Brew MP Tools Reference.