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Device setup

This topic discusses steps to prepare your device for working with Brew MP applications.

A Brew MP device needs to be put in Developer Mode prior to using Brew MP SDK Tools to load, run, and test applications on a Brew MP device.

Note: Developer Mode (Gateway) is supported on Brew MP 1.0.2 devices. Brew MP 1.0.0 and some 1.0.1 devices do not support Developer Mode.

Developer Mode involves the following steps:

  • Developer Mode Port Settings -- Enabling the port on the device (USB / Serial) so the tools can connect. The method of using key sequence on the device is covered in this primer. For other methods, see the Connect Tech Guide on the Brew MP website.
  • Developer Mode device plug in and driver setup -- Physically connecting the device. Instructions for installation PC drivers for the device are covered in this topic.
  • Developer Mode Connect -- Establishing communication between the PC tools and device. This is done using the Connection Manager dialog in Loader and/or Logger. See the Tools Reference for more information.
  • Developer Mode Enable -- Authorizing the device to run the developer's code and opening the device to the tools. The legacy method is to copy a Test Signature to the device, which is discussed in this document.

Developer Mode Port Settings

If the Developer Mode Port Settings menu is hidden, type *#DEVMODE# on the dialpad to access it. Use the phone menu to place the phone in developer mode. Not all Brew MP phones provide this menu. Refer to the Adding a physical target section in the Target Manager Help for information on enabling Gateway. Connect Tech Guide on the Brew MP website also have more information on these settings.

Developer Mode device plug in and driver setup

There are two types of device drivers, device manufacturer driver and the Brew MP SDK driver. Check the Brew MP device database and/or check with your device manufacturer to obtain the manufacturer driver. The installation of the manufacturer driver can vary between devices.

To install the Brew MP USB device driver for PC, do the following:

  1. Plug the device in to a USB port on your PC.

    The Windows New Hardware Wizard dialog opens.

  2. If the New Hardware Wizard dialog specifies "Brew Mobile Platform Device", do the following:

    Select Install from a list or a specific location, and click Next.

    Select Search for the best driver in these locations, and select Include this location in the search and click Browse to navigate to <C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Brew MP SDK\Toolset xxx\drivers\gateway\Win32\WinXP\free>.

    Select Next, and follow the prompts to finish the installation.

Developer Mode Enable

Versions of BREW preceding Brew MP, such as BREW 1.x, 2.x, 3.x and 4.x, did not have Developer Mode. Instead they used Test Enable Signatures. Test signatures continue to be supported by Brew MP, but Developer Mode is preferred. It is generally easier to obtain authorization for and is more convenient. If you already have a test signature file in the device file system, you can skip this step.

Brew MP Tools support Developer Enablement Service (DES) and Developer Mode Enablement Signature. When using Brew MP Target Manager, Loader, or Logger to connect to a device that does not have a valid signature file, a dialog will appear prompting you to use one of the following two methods to unlock the phone:

  • DES - Enable the device using a username and password.

    Note: DES enablement requires you to be an autheticated developer. Click Get Authenticated on the for more information.

Privileges for the devices are based on username credentials. This is the preferred enablement method for Brew MP devices. Enablement can be performed by using any Brew MP tool that utilizes Connect. The Brew MP Connect Tool (CT) can be used to enable the device as well.

  • Developer Mode Enablement Signature or signature file enable - Distributors, operators, and OEM manufactures often have the ability to generate signature files. These files provide privileges, according to the creator, to run code on the device. This is the common method to enable phones working off of a BREW distribution system. This is the only enablement path for BREW 3.x and 4.x devices. The signature file needs to be installed on the device.
  • For more information on device setup and Developer Mode, see the Connect Tech Guide on the Brew MP website. For more information on using Target Manager, Loader, and Logger, see the Brew MP Tools Reference.


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    Hi I have Htc f3188 smart but I don't have connect to sdk manager,
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