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Click2Run on device - Visual Studio

This topic covers the steps to build and run a Brew MP application on a Brew MP device.

Using Click2Run

  1. To Developer Mode enable your device, see the Connect Technology Guide for more information. A lock displays next to the device under Physical Targets in Target Manager.
  2. From Target Manager, double-click the device, select the Developer Mode tab, log in using your Brew MP website user name and password, and click Enable.
  3. Connect your device to your computer.
  4. From the Target Type drop-down menu in the Plugin toolbar, select Brew MP Physical Target.
  5. If your device is connected to your PC, the device ID should be visible in the Brew MP Target drop-down menu. Select your device.

    Note: If the device ID field contains none, be sure that your device is enabled for Developer Mode and you are logged in (see steps 1 and 2, above).

  6. Click the run icon in the toolbar.

    A makefile is generated and placed in your application directory, the application files are built and loaded to the device, and the application is launched on the device.