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Sample code

To demonstrate some of the key concepts of application development in Brew MP, this section walks through one of the sample applications included with the Brew MP SDK.

Sample code setup

The Brew MP SDK sample code is installed to your machine from the Brew MP SDK Manager.

  1. Select the Setup tab of the SDK Manager.
  2. For the current toolset, next to Sample Code, click Install a copy.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the installation of the sample code.

Learning Brew MP by example

Examine the applications of other Brew MP developers and observe how, within the boundaries of the Brew MP AEE, they successfully created Brew MP applications.

Brew MP sample applications installed from the SDK Manager demonstrate the use of many interfaces and controls commonly used in Brew MP application development. Each sample application includes the source code as well as the files you will need to run the application on the Simulator.

This section of the primer uses the c_basicext and c_basicextapp applications. c_basicext is a Brew MP extension, and c_basicextapp is the Brew MP application that calls the extension. c_basicextapp provides the application UI for the extension.

  1. Within Visual Studio, click the open file icon on the toolbar, and navigate to the SampleCode folder on your computer. The default installation is C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\\My Documents\Qualcomm\SampleCode.
  2. Open the Visual Studio 2008 solution for c_basicext, and close the application1 solution.
  3. Two applications should be visible in the Solution Explorer, c_basicext and c_basicextapp.
  4. Run the application on the Simulator and device, as demonstrated previously in this primer.
  5. Review the HandleEvent section to see the entry point for the application.