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Visual Studio Project Wizard

The Brew MP Wizard provides the option of creating source code based on a template, which generates code for basic Brew MP application functionality. The Wizard initiates the creation of the Visual Studio solution, and the application files. 

Creating the project using the Wizard

  1. Start Visual Studio
  2. Within Visual Studio, select File > New > Project.

    The New Project window opens.

     Your entries should match the above screen capture.

  3. Under Project types, select Brew MP.
  4. Under Templates, select C or C++ Application.

  5. Use the default name provided, for example Application1.
  6. Next to Location, enter a path to the directory where you want to store the project files. For this primer exercise, <C:\brewapps> is used.

    If the "Create directory for solution" box is unchecked, the project file is placed in the same folder as the solution. If it is checked, an extra parent folder is created for the solution file.

  7. Click OK.

    The Brew MP C or C++ Application dialog opens, respectively depending on which Template has been selected in Step 4. The default executable file format created is MOD/DLL.

  8. Click Next. The final dialog displays options to generate the framework for a Brew MP platform version, and to select the executable file format. Select your Brew MP platform version from the drop-down menu, and in the Executable File Format drop-down menu, select MOD/DLL.
  9. Click Finish.

    The new project is loaded in the Visual Studio environment.

See the Widgets Technology Guide for more information on developing a C Widget Application.