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Monkey Test Application Primer

Base version:

Brew MP 1.0 Tool Set 7.12

Tested version:

Brew MP 1.0 Tool Set 7.12
Device tested: Yes

The Monkey Test application can be run on the Simulator or loaded and run on any Brew ® MP device. The Monkey Test application is part of the Brew MP Toolset kit.

The Monkey Test application does not work with Tier 1 DES enablement.

The purpose of the Monkey Test application is to evaluate the stability of a device and the applications installed on the device. There are three modes in the Monkey Test application, random, record, and replay.

Random mode simulates the user by creating random events (keystroke, touch, gesture) and injects those events into the system. These events are logged, so if a failure occurs, the replay mode can be used to rerun the recorded events and recreate the failure. The random and replay modes provide a means to verify the stability of the user interface. Failures such as crashes or memory leaks can often be discovered using random mode.

In record mode, the user provides the events and uses the Monkey Test application to save the session. If a failure occurs, the replay mode can be used to rerun the recorded events and recreate the failure. The record and replay modes provide a means to capture a series of events prior to branching off into other conditional testing.

The log files contain:

  • Brew MP version on the device.
  • Monkey Test application version.
  • Timestamp when the test starts.
  • Total memory in use at the time of logging.
  • Configured total time for running the Monkey Test application.
  • Running mode.
  • Key, touch, and gesture intervals.
  • Key and event configuration.
  • Brew MP applications exercised during the test, including start, end, suspend, and resume times.
  • Timestamp when the test ends.


To run the Monkey Test application, you must install the:

  • Brew MP 1.0 Toolset Rev. 7.12 or higher.

Source Code

Source code for the Monkey Test application is included with the sample applications. To install the sample code to your system, start the SDK Manager, click on the Setup tab, and then in the Active Toolset area, click the Sample Code link .

You do not need to build the application in order to run the Monkey Test application. The Toolset includes Brew MP packages for use on the Simulator and the device. The Brew MP packages can be found in the < ... >\Qualcomm\Brew MP SDK\Toolset <...>\utilities\MonkeyTest folder.


JonF 15 Feb 2011 12:17pm

Thanks for the replies,
As mentioned, I was able to run the Monkey Test app after reading the "running it on the device" section, however since it does not have full touch support, I am unable to do any more with it at this time.
Regarding the .car file, I was unable to locate a .car file for the Monkey Test application and thus was unable to change the MONKEY_CONFIG_AUTOMATION to 1 and then recompile.
The F5151 does indeed appear to have an issue with the AVK_CLR key, which we've had to "correct" on our applications. Kind of a pain though for applications which have no exit option.
Ok, i found it. Had to install the example files from the SDK Manager.

anju24 10 Feb 2011 02:42pm

Hi JonF,
Monkey Test does not support full touch yet. To start testing your apps on a touch device, go to the .car file and change the property:
Compile the .car file and run the app. It will proceed without displaying the menu selection screen.
Please let us know if you could not run the app after reading the "running it on the device" section of the primer.

jmiller2_ 10 Feb 2011 10:04am

StressFile StressHeap and StressCPU are designed as automatic testing tools.
They will be incorporated into future automatically integrated testing.
Other than StressCPU, they do not have interactive UIs.
In the meanitme, they are controlled by .ini files (eventually there will be a PC-side
UI to control them). They only exit through the CLR key by design. Other attempts
to stop their running will just push the app to background mode. I think F5151
may have an issue where it's back key does not send a AVK_CLR.

JonF 04 Feb 2011 08:59am

Do any of these test apps support full touch? I have tried Stress file and could not do anything within it; I have tried Monkey Test and am only able to move the selection highlight but I am unable to actually select any of the options.
Furthermore, it would appear the that BACK key on the F5151 (simulator) does not function on any of these test applications.
We are still using the brew maxfilecnt program to test for max file situations and was hoping to use apps that are tailored towards the brew mp devices.

JonF 04 Feb 2011 08:30am

I loaded the arm version of this to our test device (as opposed to the win32 version), but when I select the app it does not start. I loaded an additional project (which I was going to use monkey test on) at the same time and it runs when selected.
Is there something special I need to do to enable the use of the Monkey Test?
Apparently I need to read the "running it on the device" section...