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Revision History

Brew Level 1 Rev A was introduced in 2010. To maximize reuse of legacy applications, Brew Level 1 was defined to include all interfaces heavily used on Brew 3.1.5 devices.

Changes from Rev A to Rev B

Brew Level 1 Rev B was introduced in December, 2011, based on feedback from key stakeholders. BL1 Rev B was a replacement for BL1 Rev A.

Changes from BL1 Rev A to BL1 Rev B are the following:

  • The pim_AEECLISID_EFSDBDevice ClassID and all IContacts interfaces were removed from the BL1 specification. Manufacturers should continue to support AEECLSID_ADDRBOOK for contacts database management.
  • The AEECLSID_SMSMSG and AEECLSID_SMSNOTIFIER ClassIDs were added to the BL1 specification.
  • The AEECLSID_TEXTCTL ClassID, which has behavioral differences from that of AEECLSID_TEXTCTL_10, was added to the BL1 specification.

Changes from Rev B to Rev C

Changes from BL1 Rev B to BL1 Rev C are the following:

  • The requirements for the AEECLSID_ADDRBOOK ClassID were modified to allow devices to support one name field (AEE_ADDRFIELD_NAME) or two name fields (AEE_ADDRFIELD_FIRSTNAME and AEE_ADDRFIELD_LASTNAME). Devices are also required to support at least one phone number field.
  • The requirements for the AEECLSID_SMSNOTIFIER ClassID were modified to reduce the required options (MSGOPTS) to a subset supported by major carriers.
  • The requirements for the AEECLSID_TELEPHONE ClassID were modified to remove support for ITelephone_GetNetworks().
  • The requirements for the AEECLSID_TEXTCTL ClassID were modified to specify required input modes based on the form factor of the device (10 key, QWERTY, or Touch).
  • The following test modules were removed from the BL1 Definition:
    • TextCtl_IM_10Key_RAP_AITest
    • TextCtl_IM_QTouch_RAP_AITest
    • TextCtl_IM_QTouch_SYM_AITest
    • TextCtl_IM_Qwerty_RAP_AITest
    • TextCtl_IM_Qwerty_SYM_AITest
  • The following corrections to test module names were made:
    • textctltest was changed to TextCtl_Test

    • TextCtl_IM_QTouch_EXT_AITest was changed to TextCtl_IM_Touch_EXT_AITest
    • TextCtl_IM_QTouch_NUM_AITest was changed to TextCtl_IM_Touch_NUM_AITest
    • Wallpaper_AITest_BMP was changed to WallpaperAITest_BMP
    • Wallpaper_AITest_JPEG was changed to WallpaperAITest_JPEG
    • Wallpaper_AITest_PNG was changed to WallpaperAITest_PNG
  • The following test module changes were made:
    • AEECLSID_TextCTL_10 / ITextCtl - TextCtl_10_test module was added
    • AEECLSID_TEXTCTL / ITextCtl - TextCtl_EnterPasswordAITest test module was added
    • AEECLSID_PNGDecoder / IImageDecoder - ImageDecoderTest_JPEG was corrected to be ImageDecoderTest_PNG
    • AEECLSID_BACKLIGHT / IBacklight - Backlight_EnableAITest test module was added