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Brew MP classes and interfaces are organized by families and subfamilies of related features and functionality. This document structure follows that convention by organizing the Brew Level requirements by family and subfamily. For each subfamily, the list of classes and interfaces required for this level is specified in a table with the following format:

ClassID Primary Interface(s Test Modules
The ClassID of the class included in this level. The Primary Interface(s) associated with the ClassID and required for this level. Most classes support additional interfaces beyond the ones specified for Brew Level compliance. Only the listed interfaces are required for compliance. A list of the Test Modules used to validate the interface requirement. The Test Modules validate the specific interfaces and interface parameters required for compliance.

Note: Additional constraints or restrictions on the interface requirement for this level are listed here. For example, some interfaces expose a wide variety of options and functionality through an open-ended interface. Not all interface parameters may be required for compliance at this level. When this is the case, a short description of the exception is provided. An exact behavioral specification is represented by the Test Modules for each interface.