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Environment variables

The make.d system makes use of environment variables to locate Brew MP components such as the BREWMPSDK, BREWMPPVS, and build tools. These variables can either be defined in the environment, or specified on the command line. The environment variables listed below should not be used in makefiles. Use the variables defined by make.d instead (see Make system-defined variables).


Either of these variables can be defined for make.d to locate the current SDK and define a set of variables for the makefiles to use in locating header files and other SDK features. The variable should point to the platform directory within the Brew MP SDK. Make.d defines a consistent BREWMPSDK_DIR variable for use within makefiles based on this configuration which points to the root directory of the SDK (the directory above the platform directory).


Can be used to override the path make.d uses to locate the Brew MP SDK tools. If not defined, make.d uses $(BREWMPSDK_DIR)/tools. Make.d defines a consistent BREWMP_SDK_TOOLS_DIR for use within makefiles based on this configuration.


Defines the path to the top level directory of the Porting Validation Suite (PVS). Make.d defines a consistent PVS_DIR for use within makefiles based on this configuration.