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Variants and variant sets

When you run a make command, you can specify a variant on the command line to build the module for a specific platform. The variant is specified on the command line as follows:


Make commands can also use a defined set of variants, which are defined by the EVERY_V variable for each supported platform. The EVERY_V variable is defined in make.d/defines.min and varies based on the development platform (Windows, linux, etc.). The first word of EVERY_V is the debug variant for current operating system, which for Windows is Win32_Debug (V=Win32_Debug).

EVERY_V may be redefined on the make command line to change the scope of the 'everything' targets.

Make.d currently supports the following variants:

V_ADS12arm9_Debug.min V_RVCT30arm9_Debug.min
V_ADS12arm9_Release.min V_RVCT30arm9_Release.min
V_ADS12arm9_ReleaseG.min V_RVCT30arm9_ReleaseG.min
V_ADS12arm9swst_Debug.min V_Win32_Coverage.min
V_ADS12arm9swst_Release.min V_Win32_Debug.min
V_ADS12arm9swst_ReleaseG.min V_Win32_Release.min
V_RVCT22arm11_Debug.min V_Win32_ReleaseG.min
V_RVCT22arm11_Release.min V_armgcc_Debug.min
V_RVCT22arm11_ReleaseG.min V_armgcc_Release.min
V_RVCT22arm9_Debug.min V_armgcc_ReleaseG.min
V_RVCT22arm9_Release.min V_cygwin_Coverage.min
V_RVCT22arm9_ReleaseG.min V_cygwin_Debug.min
V_RVCT30Scorpion_Debug.min V_cygwin_Release.min
V_RVCT30Scorpion_Release.min V_cygwin_ReleaseG.min
V_RVCT30Scorpion_ReleaseG.min V_mingw_Debug.min
V_RVCT30arm11_Debug.min V_mingw_Release.min
V_RVCT30arm11_Release.min V_mingw_ReleaseG.min
V_RVCT30arm11_ReleaseG.min V_RVCT40arm9_Debug.min
V_RVCT40arm9_Release.min V_RVCT40arm9_ReleaseG.min
V_RVCT40arm11_Debug.min V_RVCT40arm11_Release.min
V_RVCT40arm11_ReleaseG.min V_RVCT40Scorpion_Debug.min
V_RVCT40Scorpion_Release.min V_RVCT40Scorpion_ReleaseG.min