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C++ basic built-in types

The following lists the mapping of IDL basic types to C++.

IDL type C++ type
octet unsigned char
char char
wchar _wchar_t
short short int
long int
long long long long (int64)
unsigned short unsigned short int
unsigned long unsigned int
unsigned long long unsigned long long (uint64)
float float
double double
boolean boolean

Due to compiler differences in how 64-bit integers are handled, long long and unsigned long long are mapped to _int64_t and unsigned _int64_t, respectively, where _int64_t is #defined to be either long long or __int64 depending on the compiler.

The mapping for boolean is not bool but boolean in order to maintain binary compatibility between the C and C++ mappings. While the C++ bool type is implementation-specific, boolean is a OS Services type guaranteed to be the same in both C and C++.