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About BID Files

BID files contain ClassIDs that uniquely identify applets and classes on Brew MP-enabled devices. A ClassID ensures that the correct applet is executed when the user clicks its associated icon on the mobile device (or the Brew MP Simulator display).

BID files define Brew MP ClassIDs, which are unique, 32-bit numbers that uniquely identify applets and classes. You can obtain a ClassID at no charge from the after logging in to the Brew MP website. For testing purposes, you can use a ClassID that the Resource Manager application generates for local use. The ClassID is specified in the module's MIF file as well as its BID file.

Note: An applet is associated with its icon through a ModRsc entry in the CIF file (which is compiled into a binary MIF file).

The Brew MP SDK Manager provides the option to install a SampleCode folder containing several complete sample applications, which may include the following: a module's source code, its compiled code (which is similar to a .dll file) in a MOD1 (or MOD file), its CIF file and compiled MIF file, a CAR file compiled into a BAR file, a BID file, and resource files such as the applet icon and other images.

The c_application sample applet includes the following BID file,, which is typical:

#ifndef capp_BID
#define capp_BID
#define AEECLSID_CAPP    0x008D75EA
#endif //capp_BID

It is interesting to note that first line of the applet's CIF file, capp.cif, is:

include ""

When the CIF file is compiled into a binary MIF file, this file entry explicitly ties the MIF file and the ClassID of the applet. This applet's ClassID is a 32-bit hexadecimal number, 008D75EA.