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Brew MP registry entries

Brew MP treats BREW 3.x-style registry entries (also known as "MIME-types" or "handlers") as SysRsc primitives. However, not all SysRsc primitives are registry entries.

The MIME type string in the id field must not contain any NULL bytes. For example, "media/video" is valid, while "me\0dia/video" and "media/video\0" are not. (\0 is the null character) The type and data values must be able to fit in a 4-byte unsigned integer.

By default, registry entries generated with the SysRsc command will not be compatible with BREW 3.x and earlier versions unless the -3 option is used when compiling the CIF.

Note: See the CIFC compiler entry in the Tools Reference for more information about the CIFC compiler and its command-line options.

Only SysRsc primitives with the following format can be treated as registry entries:

SysRsc { 
   type = Base class or interface id of the handler, 
   id   = mime type to be queried 
   data = ClassID of the handler