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The FS_Quota primitive declares limits on file system resources used by a module. The primitive specifies the maximum number of files that the module's directory can contain, and the total amount of file space that the module's directory can occupy. If an application has system level privileges, the quota restrictions do not apply to that application; files created by the application are still counted against file system quota. Other applications, with no system level privileges, are limited by quota restrictions.


A CIF should have only one FS_Quota primitive. If more than one FS_Quota primitive is present, the maximum value for each limit will be used.

FS_Quota { 
   max_files = 1000, 
   max_space = 0x00ffffff, 
  • max_files: The maximum number of files a modules directory can contain. The minimum is 7 and the maximum is 65535.
  • max_space: The total file space (in bytes) the modules directory can occupy. The minimum amount of space that can be specified in this field is 20,480, and the maximum is 4,294,967,294.


To set EFS restrictions on total number of files allowed and FS usage:

FS_Quota { 
   max_files =20, 
   max_space =20000,