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BBF input bitmap files

BBFGEN reads bitmap files to obtain the font's glyphs. Only monochrome bitmaps are supported. Black represents the text foreground and white represents the background.

Fonts are variable width fonts, and glyphs are ordered from left-to-right.

The height of the bitmap in pixels is one more than the height of the font's character cells. The bottom row of the bitmap holds marker pixels that define the boundaries between glyph cells, and each black pixel marks the right-most column of a glyph's rectangle.

The column following the last marker pixel describes the font's descent. The topmost black pixel represents the top of the font's descent. If the column contains no black pixels, the font descent is set to zero.

The width and height of each character cell will be calculated by the bitmap's dimensions and the number of characters given in the map file [or default values].

If there are half-width characters, they must all be in the low range before the full-width characters begin and occupy the left half of the character cell. If your font is 16 pixels wide, the glyph will occupy 16 pixels in the bitmap, but only make use of the first 8. The next character will start after the 16th pixel.

Sample Usage of BBFGEN

To see some sample use cases of BBFGEN and to generate these different versions of BBF fonts, use the BBFGEN -hs option.