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To start BBFGEN

  1. Click Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. The command window appears.
  2. Change directory to bbfgen and execute bbfgen.exe. This information appears and indicates how to use the BBFGEN tool.

    BBFGEN Copyright 2009 QUALCOMM Inc., All Rights Reserved

    Usage: bbfgen INFILE [options] (v3.2.0.1)

    INFILE = Windows BMP file name


    Option Task
    -o NAME Output BBF file
    -u Specify the undefined character for the BDF2BBF utility. Default is 0x7f.
    -a Output ASCII comma-delimited format suitable for C source.
    -fw Set Unicode-to-CP1252 conversion flag in BBF.
    -m MAP Use MAP file for list of characters (bbfgen -hm for more information).
    -hm Help on map files
    -hb Help on bitmap files
    -hs Help on sample usage

    If a map file is not given, the range of character values is assumed to begin at 0020 and continue until all glyphs are used, and the undefined character is set to 007F.