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Eclipse Plugin Help

The Brew ® MP Eclipse Plugin integrates Brew MP application development tools into the Eclipse IDE.

The following are part of the Eclipse Plugin.

  • Brew MP Application Wizard
  • Brew MP Extension Wizard
  • Brew MP Plugin Toolbar
  • Automatic build of CAR and CIF
  • Automatic makefile generation feature
  • Device build configuration currently supports ARM (RVCT 2.2) and GNU Tool Chain (Sourcery G++ Lite 2008q3-66)
  • Import Brew MP projects to Eclipse

Environment setup

The on the Brew MP website provides information about the required software. You should complete all the steps under Setup for C/C++ Environment - Eclipse.

If you have GNU tools installed, Sourcery must precede GNU tools in the system path if Sourcery is used.

Install Eclipse Plugin

The Eclipse Plugin integrates Brew MP development tools into the Eclipse IDE. Installing the Plugin enables the generation of Brew MP application templates within Eclipse, and allows you to access Brew MP tools from the Eclipse IDE.

Once you have installed the Brew MP SDK, open the Brew MP SDK Manager to install the Eclipse Plugin.

  1. Within the SDK Manager, select the Setup tab.
  2. Under the current toolset, next to Eclipse Plugin, select Install.

    Follow the prompts to complete the Plugin installation.