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Building your application

The Eclipse Plugin integrates building for simulation and device into the Eclipse development environment.

Setting preferences

Prior to building your application, you should set the build preferences.

  1. Click Window, then click Preferences.

    The Preferences dialog is shown.

  2. In the left pane, open the Brew MP node, then select General.
  3. You can select which ARM compiler to build with, and which ARM processor to target, using the drop-down menu option next to ARM Compiler and ARM Processor.
  4. Click Apply or OK.

Setting build properties

  1. Within Eclipse, select Project > Properties.
  2. Expand the Brew MP node, and select Build.

    You should see the build properties.

  3. In the build properties window you can select the Brew MP platform version and ARM build. The following are the ARM build options:
    • Default - Use the global settings under Window > Preferences to build the MOD/MOD1.
    • Project-specific ARM Compiler (overrides global setting) - Overrides the global settings under Window > Preferences when building the MOD/MOD1.
    • Custom build command - Disables the makefile generator, and runs the specified build/clean commands when building the MOD/MOD1.

Building the application for Simulator targets

Building the application for the Simulator generates the application DLL. If you have a 3.x or 4.x platform installed such as the BREW 3.1.5 SP02 Platform, you will see the 3.1.5 or 4.0.2 Simulator in the Target Type drop-down menu.

  1. From the Target Types drop-down menu, select either Brew MP Simulation Target, BREW 3.1.5 SP01 Simulator or BREW 4.0.2 SP19 Simulator.

  2. For Brew MP Simulation Target, select the desired target from the Targets drop-down menu.

  3. Select the build icon on the Eclipse toolbar.

    The Mingw compiler is used to build a DLL for the Simulator.

The application DLL/DLL1 is built with the platform selected in Project > Properties > Brew MP >Build > Platform Version.

Building the application for physical targets

  1. Connect your device to your computer.
  2. In the Eclipse Plugin toolbar, select Brew MP Physical Target or BREW 3.x/4.x Physical Target from the Target Types drop-down menu. The following image shows Brew MP Physical Target selected.

  3. If you selected Brew MP Physical Target, select the desired target from the Targets drop-down menu.

  4. Select the build icon on the Eclipse toolbar.

    The ARM settings in the preferences menu are used to build a MOD for the device.

Integrated hot key options

  1. Select Ctrl+F11 to launch the last used Run configuration.
  2. Select F11 to launch the last used Debug configuration.