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Setting package project properties

The Eclipse Plugin includes a feature that enables you to specify which files are to be packaged and installed to the target.

Brew MP applications are distributed as .brewmp files. The Package Properties dialog provides a user interface to define how your .brewmp file is packaged.

A default package is provided with each project; however you may create new packages or modify the default. You can modify packages to contain multiple modules if desired. As you create new resource files, they are automatically added to any packages as long as the "Automatically add Brew MP runtime artifacts as needed" option is selected. MOD and DLL files are displayed within the same tree for simplicity purposes; however only one or the other is packaged, based on whether a Simulation or physical target is selected.

  1. Within Eclipse, select Project > Properties.
  2. Expand the Brew MP node, and select Package.

    The package properties dialog displays.

  3. To select which package to use, select from the Active Package drop-down menu. Only one package can be active at a time.
  4. To create a new package, click Create New.

    You should see a New Package dialog.

    Enter the name of the package, and click Save.

  5. If only a single package exists, the Remove button is disabled. Otherwise, a package can be deleted if it is the active package by clicking Remove.
  6. You can add additional modules to the package by selecting New Folder, Add File or Add Folder. You can add a file or folder to the existing package, or create a new folder and add a file or folder to the new folder.
  7. To remove a file, highlight it in the target window and click Remove.
  8. Clicking Discard throws out any unsaved changes made to the package.