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Using the Plugin toolbar

The Brew MP Eclipse Plugin adds a toolbar of buttons to the C/C++ and Debug perspectives.

Once you have installed the Eclipse Plugin, the Brew MP toolbar is available when you start Eclipse.

Launch Brew MP Tools

You can start the SDK Manager, Resource Manager, Simulator, Target Manager, Loader and Logger from the Eclipse Plugin toolbar.

  1. Click on the down arrow on the Launch Brew MP Tools icon, and select the desired tool from the drop-down menu.

    The selected tool launches in a new window.

Open the Preferences dialog

  1. Click on the Option button.

    The Preferences dialog is shown.

Within the Preferences dialog, select Brew MP > General, to set the ARM Compiler, ARM Processor, and BREW Simulator Applet Directory. The BREW Simulator Applet Directory is for use with BREW 3.x/4.x simulation, and does not apply to the Brew MP Simulator. The Applet Directory designated in the preferences dialog is the directory the BREW 3.x/4.x Simulator points to when launched.

Brew MP Help

The Brew MP Help icon provides access to Brew MP documentation and the Brew MP website.

Build application

  1. Click the down arrow on the build icon, and select the build configuration from the drop-down menu.

    When Simulation is the selected target type the Mingw compiler is used to build a DLL/DLL1 for the Simulator. When physical is the selected target type the ARM settings in the preferences menu are used to build a MOD/MOD1 for the device.

Manage configurations for current project

The configurations for the current project in Eclipse can be set from the toolbar icon.

  1. From the Eclipse toolbar, select the down arrow on the configuration management icon, and make a selection from the drop-down menu.

Debug application

  1. Click the down arrow on the debug icon, and select Debug As > Brew MP Application.

Integrated menu Items

  1. Brew MP Tools can be launched within Eclipse by selecting Window > Open Brew MP Tool, and selecting the tool you want to launch.

  2. Eclipse Plugin Help can be accessed within Eclipse by selecting Help > Brew MP Help > Eclipse Plugin Help.