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Diffing CAR files

Diffing is useful for isolating strings that differ from one CAR file to another. The resulting file contains any strings from the second file that are either not present in or different from the first file.

Note: Only CAR files of the same language can be diffed. If the strings in the two CAR files are of different languages, the Add-in throws an exception.

To diff CAR files:

  1. Open a new, untitled workbook in Excel.
  2. Open a CAR file.
  3. Save the file as an .xlsx Excel workbook.
  4. Select the Diff CAR File icon as shown below.

    A dialog prompts you to select the CAR file to open.

  5. Select the CAR file you would like to diff against the CAR file currently open in Excel.

    Sample outcomes

  • If all of the StringID + StringName + string text combinations in File1 match those in File2, the Add-in notifies you that the files are the same.




  • Otherwise, the Add-in finds StringID + StringName + string text combinations in File2 that are different (changed or added) from File1 and prompts you provide a .xlsx filename in which to save the different content.



    Result (saved to a new .xlsx file):


If the Add-in finds duplicate StringID and StringName entries in the CAR file, it will throw an exception and abort, as in this example: