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Merging CAR files

The Excel Add-in can merge CAR files in two different ways:

Merging CAR files of the same language

You can merge a CAR file of the same language with a CAR file that is currently open in Excel. When these two files are merged, the Excel table currently open will be updated.

This is useful in combining multiple CAR files into a single, master .xlsx workbook and CAR file, especially at the end of the project.

Merging different language CAR files

CAR files of different languages can be merged, and a new column will be added to the currently open Excel spreadsheet for the additional language. For example, an English CAR file open in Excel is merged with a Spanish CAR file, and a new column is created for the Spanish language by merging according to StringID and StringName.

This is useful in creating a single, master .xlsx workbook with strings of all languages into which you have translated the app. It is also useful for identifying gaps in translation across languages (i.e., terms that have been translated into one language but not another).

Note: When merging the CAR files, StringID and StringName must match exactly or not match at all across files; otherwise, an exception will occur and the Add-in will not merge the files. In the example below, the combination of StringID and StringName matched exactly for strings 1001 and 1002 in both EN and ES files; therefore, the Add-in merged them. For string 1003, the combination of StringID and StringName was present only in ES - i.e., did not match at all; therefore, the Add-in merged it also. This behavior prevents the merging of files if strings have been renumbered or renamed from one revision to the next.

StringID StringName EN ES Comment
1001 IDS_STRING_1001 hello world hola mundo
1002 IDS_STRING_1002 test string prueba
1003 IDS_STRING_1003 agregado

To merge two CAR files:

  1. Open a new, untitled workbook.
  2. Click Open CAR file.
  3. Save as an .xlsx file.
  4. Select the Merge CAR File icon in the toolbar as shown below:

    A dialog prompts you to select a CAR file to open.

  5. In the dialog, select the second CAR file you want to merge with the CAR file already open in Excel.

    The Add-in updates the currently open Excel file. As determined by StringID + StringName:

    • strings common to both files are updated with any changes from the second file (e.g., strings 1001 and 1002 in table above), and
    • strings absent from one file will display as blank cells (e.g., string 1003 in table above).