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Opening CAR files

To open a CAR file:

  1. Open a new, untitled workbook in Excel.
  2. Open a CAR file by either of the following methods:
    • Click the Open CAR File icon in the Add-in toolbar, shown below.

    • Using the standard Excel open file option.

    A dialog opens prompting you to select a CAR file to open.

  3. Navigate to the desired CAR file and select it. If the CAR file contains Latin strings, multiple encoding functions, or strings wrapped with UTF-16 encoding functions, a dialog will prompt you to select the language of the CAR file:

The Excel Add-in parses the CAR file for strings and presents the content in an Excel table by StringID, StringName, language, and comments.

The Add-in supports all the languages which Brew MP supports, with the exception of Latin. The language of the CAR file is determined by the string encoding functions. (See Language support for a list of supported languages and codes.) The Add-in can identify English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. When using the Excel Add-in to open CAR files with strings in other languages, a dialog prompts you to select the language.

There is no limit on the number of strings the Add-in can handle, although there is a limit to the number of rows in an Excel workbook.

The contents of a CAR file containing English strings open in Excel are shown in the image below.