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Translating strings

The Excel Add-in provides a translation feature, utilizing Google's translation service.

To enable string translation you need to add your Google Translate API key to the Settings in the Excel Add-in. The Google Translate API key is used for translating the strings.

Google Translation service doesn't support translations for all the languages supported by Brew MP. The following table contains the supported languages for translation by both Brew MP and the Google Translation engine.

Language Name Language Code
Arabic AR
Bulgarian BG
Catalan; Valencian CA
Chinese ZH
Croatian HR
Czech CS
Danish DA
Dutch NL
English EN
Tagalog TL
Greek EL
Hindi HI
Indonesian ID
Italian IT
Japanese JA
Korean KO
Latvian LV
Lithuanian LT
Malay MS
Norwegian NO
Polish PL
Portuguese PT
Romanian RO
Russian RU
Serbian SR
Slovak SK
Slovenian SL
Spanish ES
Swedish SV
Thai TH
Ukrainian UK
Vietnamese VI
Finnish FI
Persian FA
Chinese Simplified ZHCN
Chinese Traditional ZHTW

Adding Google Translate API key to Settings to enable translation

To get your Google Translate API key, you need a Google account.

The first time you select the Translate Strings button after installing the Excel Add-in, a dialog displays notifying you to create and enter your Google Translate API key in the Settings dialog. Do the following for a one-time setup to create and enter your Google API key in the Settings dialog.

  1. Select the Settings button.

    The Settings dialog opens, as shown in the following image.

    In the Settings dialog, click on the link to launch the page to sign in to your Google account. Follow the prompts to activate the Google Translate API. The generated key is shown in the following image, underlined in red.

    The key begins at key= and ends at & or ?, which are the separators for the key value pairs in the HTTP URL. The key from the image is AIzaSyCwlRfSg_IeZ_DcTCopDMp5wrrwCiUDOoA. Note that this is an example key only, your key will be different.

  2. Copy your key from Google into the API Key field of the Settings dialog as shown in the following image, and click OK.

The Excel Add-in provides two methods to translate strings. One is the Translate Strings button in the toolbar, the other is to right-click on selected strings and select Brew MP Translate from the menu.

  1. Open a CAR file using the Open Car file button.
  2. Save the Excel file. Now you can use Translate Strings buttons to do necessary translation.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Click the Translate Strings button.

    • Select strings in the Excel spreadsheet for translation, then right-click on the selected strings and select Brew MP Translate.

    The Translate Strings dialog opens.

  4. In the Translate Strings dialog, select the source and destination language, and click Translate.

    A new column is created and filled in the spreadsheet for the designated output language.