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Stubs and skels

The code generator generates C stub and skel code in two separate files, one for the stub, and one for the skel. The New functions to instantiate the stub and skel for a given interface are named after the interface, with Stub_New and Skel_New appended.

For example, consider a file IFoo.idl that contains the interface IFoo. The following are the generated files and exported New functions from IFoo.idl:

File Description Exported new function
IFoo.h Interface header for IFoo Not applicable
IFoo_stub.h Stub header for IFoo IFooStub_New
IFoo_stub.c Stub implementation for IFoo IFooStub_New
IFoo_skel.h Skeleton header for IFoo IFooSkel_New
IFoo_skel.c Skeleton implementation for IFoo IFooSkel_New