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Using other preprocessors

By default, qidlc uses an internal preprocessor. It may be desirable to use a different preprocessor instead. The Microsoft C preprocessor can be used by having the compiler invoke cl /E /C, which is done with the following command line.

Note: For this to work, cl must be in the PATH.

qidlc -p=cl -pa=/E -pa=/C file1.idl [file2.idl ... fileN.idl]

The ARM C/C++ compiler can also be used to preprocess IDL. Provided armcc is in the PATH, this can be done with the following command line.

qidlc -p=armcc -pa=-E -pa=-C file1.idl [file2.idl ... fileN.idl]

Note: -pa=-E must be used instead of -pa -E, since in the latter case the -E is interpreted by qidlc as being an option to qidlc, not to the preprocessor.