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Qidlscript command examples

To run the qidlscript compiler:

  1. Open a Command Prompt window.
  2. Type the qidlscript command and press Enter.

The following command compiles test.idl, and creates a file named test.lua, which contains bindings, stubs, and skels for Lua.

qidlscript -m lua test.idl

The following command compiles test1.idl, test2.idl, and, and their dependencies, and creates one output file, idl.lua, that contains the generated bindings for both files.

Note: If the IDL file being compiled includes other IDL files in the current directory, you must include the "-I ." option on the command line so the current directory will be searched for include files.

qidlscript -m lua --batch idl --recursive test1.idl test2.idl