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Qidlscript command line syntax

The command line syntax of qidlscript is as follows:

qidlscript [options] file1.idl [file2.idl ... fileN.idl]

Each file listed on the command line is compiled according to the specified options. The options are as follows:



Print a brief help message.

-m lang

Set the target language mapping to lang. For Lua, this should be -m lua.

-o Dir

Use Dir as the output path. All generated files are output to the specified path. The default is the current directory ('.').

--include-path Dir

-I Dir

Include Dir in the search path for included files.

--define symbol

-D symbol

Predefine symbol for the preprocessor.

--batch name

-b name

Package all generated bindings in one output file named name.lang.



Recursively generate bindings for all dependent IDL files. Without this option, bindings are only generated for the IDL files specified on the command-line.