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Compiling Brew MP resource files from the GUI

Brew MP resource files can be compiled within the Resource Manager GUI.


The Resource Manager Settings option allows you to designate Resource Manager to prompt you with a dialog to enter the output location every time you compile. If this option is not selected, the files will be created in the same folder as the CAR/CIF file. Once the settings option has been selected and the output file modified, disabling the output settings option will still generate the output files in the last set location.

  1. In the Resource Manager GUI, select Settings, and the drop-down menu provides a checkbox to ask for Output Binary Location. When this box is checked, compiling in Resource Manager will prompt you with a dialog to set the output location, as shown in the following image.

If the location given is relative path, then it is assumed that the path is relative to the CAR/CIF file path

To compile Brew MP resource files from the Resource Manager GUI

Before you can compile Brew MP resource files to generate the BAR file, the corresponding intermediate (CAR) files must be created and saved.

  1. The resource file you want to compile needs to be open within the Resource Manager GUI.
  2. In the Brew MP Resource Manager GUI, do one of the following.

    • Press F5.
    • Select Build > Compile.
    • Click the icon in the toolbar.

  3. If you have the settings option checked to set the output binary location, you are prompted with a dialog to set the location for the binary and header file location.

    Resource Manager will validate the syntax, and a dialog will appear with the message that your output files have been successfully built.

    The final output files are saved.