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Entering advanced applet information

You can also enter information for configuration menus for the target device, notifications, and display settings for your applet.

To add advanced applet information

  1. From the Applets tab of the Resource Manager window, click the Flags tab.

    The Flags panel opens.

  2. In the Flags panel, mark the following check boxes that apply.
    Flag Description
    Popup Indicates that the device screen should not be cleared when the applet is launched. If it is not selected, Brew MP clears the contents of the device screen before launching the application. Generally, this feature should not be selected.
    Screensaver Specifies that the applet is a screen saver.
    Phone Specifies that when this application is running and is the currently visible application, Brew MP treats the Close All key (typically the END key) just like a normal key and propagates the key to the application without attempting to close all the applications. For this flag to be used, the application must have System Privilege Level (that is, it must have ALL privilege levels). This flag is strictly meant to be used by system level applications only.
    Show on Configuration Menu Indicates that the applet supports the configuration menu on the device, which allows the user to set certain preferences.

    Note: Some Brew MP-enabled devices support configuration or settings menus that allow the device user to set preferences for each Brew MP applet. For example, a game user could choose the level of play difficulty from a preferences menu. You can specify in the MIF whether your applet should appear on the configuration menus. If your applet is included in these menus, it is sent an EVT_APP_CONFIG or EVT_APP_HIDDEN_CONFIG event when it is selected from the configuration menu or the hidden configuration menu. When it receives these events, the applet can display a dialog box that prompts the device user to set preferences. The configuration menus are not supported in the Simulator. Check the Brew MP website for information about whether specific devices support Brew MP applet configuration menus.

    Show on Hidden Configuration Menu Indicates that the applet should appear on the hidden configuration menu on the device.
    Menu string Enter the menu text string for the configuration or hidden configuration menus for the applet.
  3. Each application can support up to four different display settings. For each display used, enter the following information in the Displays section.

    Setting Description
    Height Enter the height in pixels. If nothing is entered, the default value is used. Select the Max checkbox to use the maximum available height of the device display.
    Width Enter the width in pixels. If nothing is entered, the default value is used. Select the Max checkbox to use the maximum available width of the device display.
    Annunciators Specify whether or not annunciators are associated with the display.
    Color Depth Select the color depth in bits per pixel from the drop-down list.
  4. Save your file when you are finished making your changes.