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Linking MIME types

Exported MIME types are non-applet classes in your module that are implemented to handle files of a given MIME type, for example, SND resource files and MIDI files. For a MIME handler class, you can specify the MIME type that the class handles. Other classes can then use the GetHandler function of the IShell interface to obtain an instance of your handler class using the name of the MIME type it handles.

To link MIME types

  1. Select the Module tab, then select the Extensions tab in the Resource Manager module window.
  2. Select the Exported MIME Types tab.

  3. In the Exported MIME Types panel, do one of the following:
    • To add a MIME type, click .
    • To edit an existing MIME type, select it, and edit its properties.
    • To delete an exported MIME type, select it and click .

    If you clicked , the Add New MIME Type dialog opens.

  4. Do one of the following.
    • Edit an existing MIME type. (Select a different classID from the Handler ClassID drop-down list.)
    • Add a new MIME type.
  5. When you finish linking MIME types and handler ClassIDs, click OK.

    The Add New MIME Type dialog closes.

  6. When you finish entering MIF information, choose File > Save As, assign the CIF/MIF a filename (usually the same name as the application for which the MIF is being created), and click Save.