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Maintaining exported classes

Exported classes are the ClassIDs of all the non-applet classes in your module. In the Applets tab of the Resource Manager window, you can obtain a ClassID for a non-applet class from the Brew MP ClassID web page or by selecting an existing .bid, .h or .idl file on your computer.

Two types of exported classes are available for MIFs; unprotected and protected. Unprotected exported classes are available to any application at any time. Protected exported classes must be explicitly declared as external dependencies of the MIF. If a protected class is assigned to a MIF and you do not declare it as an external dependency, an EPRIVLEVEL failure will be returned.

Although unprotected classes can be used without explicitly declaring an external dependency on the classes, the tracking of "using modules" in Brew MP will fail and can prevent Brew MP modules from being correctly downloaded or deleted. For this reason, it is required that modules always declare external dependency on both protected and unprotected classes.

To add or delete an exported class

  1. In the Resource Manager window, click the Module tab, then click the Extensions tab.
  2. Select the Exported Classes tab.

  3. In the Exported Classes panel, do one of the following.
    • Select the Protected check box for an existing ClassID to indicate that any application that uses this class must explicitly declare this ClassID in the Dependencies section of the MIF.
    • Click to add a new ClassID. See the topic on obtaining a ClassID from the Brew MP website, generating a local ClassID, or opening a ClassID from an existing file for more information.
    • Click to delete an exported ClassID.