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Naming MIFs

When you are developing applications, observe the following guidelines for naming MIFs.

  • The MIF name must contain at least one alphabetical character and must begin with an alphabetical character.
  • The MIF name cannot be made up exclusively of numbers.

The following table shows valid and invalid MIF filenames.

Valid MIF names Invalid MIF names
helloworld.mif 400.mif
b2b.mif 1056.mif
good4u.mif 3dgame.mif

Numbered MIFs, such as 400.mif, are automatically assigned and used by Brew MP when applications have been digitally signed and are ready to be placed on the carrier's server for end-user downloads. Brew MP handles the numbered MIFs in a special manner and, if you try to use them during the application development process, fatal errors may occur in your application.