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Obtaining a ClassID from the Brew MP website

To guarantee that the same ClassID is never used by more than one developer, Qualcomm maintains a web page where you can request unique ClassIDs. You must be an authenticated Brew MP developer to be able to access this page. When you click the BREW server link in the text box at the bottom of the dialog, the Resource Manager launches your web browser and points it to this web page so that you can obtain a unique Brew MP ClassID.

Note: If your module contains multiple applets, you must enter applet ClassID information for all applets in the MIF.

To obtain a ClassID from the Brew MP website

  1. Open the Resource Manager.
  2. Select the new module file button on the toolbar or select File > New Module File (.cif).
  3. Select the Applets tab.

  4. Click the icon.
  5. The Add New Applet dialog opens.

  6. Click on the Generate .bid/h from Brew MP Web Site option. The ClassID Generator web page opens.
  7. Enter your password information. Within the Class ID Generator web page, enter a name in the Class Name field.
  8. Click Submit. A dialog opens for you to choose where you want the BID to reside on your computer.
  9. Navigate to the directory where you want to store the BID file and click Save.

    Note: The BID file contains a line that assigns a name to the ClassID's hexadecimal value similar to: #define AEECLSID_ 0x01004FAC where is formed using the name you entered for the ClassID on the web page.

  10. Return to the Resource Manager Add New Applet dialog, and select the From File button, then click Browse. Browse to the location of the BID file, and select Open.
  11. The ClassID will be displayed in the ID text box of the Add New Applet dialog.
  12. Click OK.