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Setting Brew MP (applet) privileges

To set Brew MP (applet) privilege levels

  1. In the Resource Manager window, within the Applets tab, click the Privileges tab.

    The following fields are shown.

  2. To add privilege level options, click Add.

    The Add New Privileges dialog opens.

    In the Add New Privileges dialog, you can determine if your module has access to certain Brew MP system functions that are available only to carriers and device manufacturers, and not to Brew MP application developers.

  3. Do one of the following.
    • Select BREW Privileges to enable the list of Brew MP Privileges.
    • Select Existing File to browse to the location of an existing file.
    • Select Existing Directory to browse to the location of an existing directory.
    • Select Recently Used (History) display a list of recently used privileges.
  4. If you selected BREW Privileges, select one or more of the access privilege levels for this module. See the Brew MP Resource File and Markup Reference for more information.
    Select this check box To provide this level of privilege
    AEEPRIVID_PLFile File and database functions in the IFile, IDBMgr, IDatabase, and IDBRecord interfaces.
    AEEPRICID_PLNetwork Network and socket functions in the INetwork and ISocket interfaces to set up TCP and UDP sockets
    AEEPRIVID_PLPosLocation IPOSDET_SetGPSConfig(), IPOSDET_GetGPSConfig(), and IPOSDET_GetGPSInfo() functions, which provide GPS based position information. ISHELL_GetPosition function, which provides access to the gpsOne ® location feature on the device.
    AEEPRIVID_PLTapi TAPI functions in the ITAPI interfaces.
    AEEPRIVID_PLWeb Access to the IWeb interface.
    AEEPRIVID_PLRinger Write access to the ringer directory in the Brew MP SDK and on the device, where the tone files are stored. This directory is automatically created when you run the IRINGER_Create() function.
    AEEPRIVID_PLSharedWrite Write access to the directory in the Brew MP SDK and on the handset.
    AEEPRIVID_PLSectorInfo Access to sector information retrieved from the IPOSDET_GetSectorInfo API.
    AEEPRIVID_PLAddrBook Access to the IAddrBook interface.
    AEEPRIVID_PLSystem System access to all the above privileges.
    AEEPRIVID_PLDownload Access functions in the IDownload interface, which is used to download Brew MP applications from carrier websites.

    Note: If you select Network and leave Web Access unchecked, you can still create an IWeb instance using a call to IShell.

    If you leave Write Access to Ringer Directory unchecked, you can still create an IRingerMgr instance using a call to IShell. For more information on the IWeb and IRingerMgr interfaces, see the Brew MP API Reference.

  5. When you finish entering privilege information, click Add.

    The Add new Privileges dialog closes.

  6. When you finish entering privilege level information, save the file.