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SDK Manager

The Brew MP SDK Manager assists with Brew MP setup, tools and resources.

The SDK Manager can be accessed from the start menu, in the Brew MP SDK location.

The SDK Manager GUI provides three tabs - Setup, Tools, and Resources.


The Setup tab displays the Brew MP Toolset(s) and Platform(s) installed on your computer. Multiple Toolsets and Platforms can persist simultaneously on your computer, and any particular Toolset or Platform can be set as active. This determines which Toolset to work with or Platform to build against. To set a Toolset or Platform as active, click on the star next to the desired Toolset or Platform.

After a Toolset is set as active, the optional components from the Toolset are displayed in the SDK Manager. Individual components can be installed by clicking Install next the tool, or Install a copy for the Sample Code, and following the prompts.


The Tools tab provides access to Brew MP Tools. Clicking on a tool launches it. If you have multiple Toolsets installed on your computer, the version that launches is based on the active Toolset, as set in the Setup tab.


The Resources tab provides access to additional Brew MP online resources.


The SDK Manager language version can be switched between English and Chinese. To switch languages, do the following.

  1. In the file, the following line sets the language of the SDK Manager to English:


  2. To change the language to Chinese, change the value from "en-US" to "zh-cn".

Commenting out or removing the above line of code will result in SDK Manager using the system locale to load appropriate resources.