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Import a BREW project

The Visual Studio Plugin includes the ability to import a BREW 3.x/4.x project into Visual Studio, where you can use Brew MP tools.

The following describes how to import a BREW project to Visual Studio.

  1. In Visual Studio, select File > Import BREW Project.

    The Brew MP Project Import Wizard opens.

  2. In the Source Directory field, enter the location of the BREW project to import, or click Browse to navigate to the location of the BREW project. Mandatory files for import are the following: .vcproj or .mak or .c/.cpp. If none of those files are found, the import fails. If the .mif is not found, a warning displays.
  3. If you check Also use source directory as target directory, the Target Directory field will be auto-filled with the location designated as the Source Directory. Otherwise, you can enter the desired target directory in the Target Directory field, or click Browse to navigate to the desired target directory.
  4. From the Target Platform drop-down menu, select the desired target platform.
  5. If a project is already open in Visual Studio, you will see a checkbox, as shown above in the image, to import the project into a new solution. After you have made all of your selections in the dialog, click Import.
  6. The Brew MP Project Import Wizard will move any deprecated BREW files to a backup sub-directory and notifies you if any files were moved to this sub-directory.
  7. Click Finish to close the dialog.

    The imported BREW project is listed in the Visual Studio Solution Explorer.