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Setting package project properties

The Visual Studio Plugin includes a feature that enables you to specify which files are to be copied to the package folder. This package folder will be used while installing the module to the target.

This setting allows you to select which files to package for a Win32\ARM target. An active package exists by default; however you may create multiple packages if desired. As you create new resource files, they are automatically added for packaging with the default package scheme. Files are not automatically added for packaging for any custom package schemes. MOD and DLL files are displayed within the same tree for simplicity purposes; however only one or the other is packaged, based on whether the target is the Simulator or device.

You can designate package options within Visual Studio by doing the following:

  1. Select Project > Brew MP Properties to open the Brew MP Properties dialog.
  2. Within the Brew MP Properties dialog, select the Package tab.

  3. To select which files to package, click in the box next to the file(s) in the Project Files pane.
  4. To create a new package, click Create New.

    Within the New Package dialog, enter the name of the package and click Save. The new package is set as the active package.

  5. The Remove button is disabled if the active package is the default. A package can be deleted if it is the active package by clicking Remove.
  6. You can toggle between showing only Brew MP files, or all files on disk. To display all files, check Show All Files in the lower right of the Properties dialog.
  7. Right-click the project in the Projects to Install list to open a dialog to select where to install the module. In the dialog you can select UserMods, SysMods, BDSMods as shown in the following image.

    Note: This is a Visual Studio project feature and requires a project that builds in Visual Studio. This may not work for makefile projects without adapting the project to Visual Studio.

Note: You cannot edit the default package selection settings.