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Batch view and batch loader

You can add, edit, and delete module sets using batch loader view in Loader. Module sets can be a platform wig, or another suite you have created. You can specify the paths on your local PC where you have these wigs. These wigs are available at a certain n/w location and need to be copied over to your PC.

  1. Select View > Sidebar > Batch Loader or Ctrl+B. In Batch Loader view, all the applications are enumerated under the module set that you have created. By default everything is selected. You can select/deselect applications individually by selecting the checkbox next to each application. If you have selected/deselected all applications in that module set, click on check box next to the module set name in the view on left hand side.

  2. Select Tools > Options to open the Options dialog. You can add, edit, and delete module sets by selecting the module set, then selecting the Add, Edit, or Delete buttons.

  3. Once you have finished configuring, select OK.
  4. Select Module > Download, or press F6 to download the selected applications to target.